5 January 2012

I've kind of given up blogging about everything the last couple of months. I don't feel like this baby is going to happen right now. And right now is all we have.

I'm 13dpo today and still I'm only spotting - less than I was yesterday too. The signs are positive but I'm too scared to test as I already tested at 8dpo and 10dpo and both were BFNs. I didn't test this morning so am now trying to hold for 4hrs so I can test this afternoon but it's going to take a lot of courage to actually do it.

Realistically, the result can't get any worse, but it's those bloody glimmers of hope that cause most pain. Just when you're almost resigned to defeat, they come and grab you and make your heart beat faster again.

Please, please, please let it be good this time.


  1. Sweetie - please get in touch, I've been thinking of you and wanted to check you were ok

    I've just done a month of no temps, no sticks, no nothing and am fairly certain it has had exactly the same effect as all the science

    Damn this TTC thing

    And yet sending hope and best wishes for you


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