29 January 2012

So my crosshairs have moved to day 15, which seems a lot more reasonable and gives us much better timing. The only thing is that this month's 2ww feels at least 3 weeks long.

I've figured out that my luteal phase lengthening doesn't seem to change my cycle length, which stays around 28 days. So if this month works out, I'm expecting about a 14 day luteal phase. Which would be good. I can probably test in about 5 days and be sure of the result.

Mr is starting to get used the idea of a struggle to conceive. It's a new experience for him as his two eldest were easy, and no.1 for us together was a surprise after a long time trying with my ex. I can tell it's playing on his mind as when I walked into the room holding pens, his first thought was pregnancy tests!

I'm beginning to think he may try for a bit longer so it may be worth going through all the tests again to get help. At least with a longer than 6 day lp, the day 21 progesterone test will be easier to time.

As for symptoms, not a lot, although I have had some cramps today. My temps are good and went back up to 36.7 today but I'm trying to avoid wishful thinking. Having dwelled on my charts far too much over the last few months, I can say with some certainty that the only difference between a pregnancy chart and an ovulatory chart is the test result...

Maybe this month my test will come.

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  1. As always fingers and toes crossed that this is the month


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