3 February 2012

I had one of those miserable days yesterday, which to the outside world, probably looked like pmt.

First I got a line on a test. A very pale one, a shadow almost... Then it disappeared as it dried. I know all about evaps but having taken rather a lot of these pregnancy tests and never had one, I couldn't help but be hopeful.

Then I started spotting bright red, so I figured the game was up. I was a little disappointed, but prepared for it.

And then it stopped. What the...?

So this morning I was cautiously hopeful again. Well, kind of - I did check whether I was spotting before I did the test. Which I was, but only a little bit.

So I tested anyway. And got another BFN.

So that's conclusive. I'm out for another month. As Mr said, "maybe a November baby".


  1. Sorry to hear that :(

    When is Mr having his swimmers tested?

  2. Oh sweetie I'm sorry, not sure what has happened since but I had bright red spotting with both of mine (which has to be said makes life a little difficult since it's not as clear when I'm out each month...)


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