13 October 2011

Getting my hopes up

I hate this time of the month. I was 12dpo this morning and due to my naturally short and now lengthened but unstable luteal phase, I really have no idea when my period is due. Anywhere between 8 and 13 days is normal.

I tested this morning on my "official" test date and got bfn. Disappointing, especially as the spotting I've had the last few days has stopped. I was also so nauseous that I was actually sick last night, and dell asleep on the sofa at about 830. In fact Mr couldn't wake me, and I didn't stir til 730 this morning!

So I think I might be coming down with something... Am so fed up - if I'm going to feel this rubbish, give me the pregnancy to go with it!


  1. Fingers crossed. It's not over yet. Did you use FMU?

  2. Oh sweetie - hang on in there, fingers and toes firmly crossed here for you


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