10 October 2011

Looking up

Finally things feel a bit more hopeful, and the rainbow I saw last week summed it up perfectly.

I may actually get voluntary redundancy approved at work - it's not exactly my ideal world scenario, as it's not a lot of money, and means I will be unemployed for the first time in my life, but at least I get a chance to move on and get away from all the stress.

Mr is still very stressed, but we've had a heart to heart and agreed that if redundnacy goes through, we can move to a different rental house. Nothing fancy, but it will be mould free and have enough bedrooms. It's a halfway house (literally) to what we really want but it's a step in the right direction, which feels great.

For me, the stress reduction, although I'm still in negotiations, has been instant. My acupuncturist commented on the change and also did something this week that he felt may change my cycle. As usual, he didn't exactly explain how or why, but so far, everything he's done has felt positive so I'm inclined to trust.

On the TTC front, we've done rather well on the babydancing front, but I ran out of my precious Floradix at the beginning of the month and, as I read somewhere that B6 can delay ovulation, thought I'd wait til then to restock. Of course, that meant I forgot to get any, so I've been taking a B-complex tablet in the hope it will do a similar job.

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I think there may be some truth in it delaying ovulation as Fertility Friend has me ovulating at day 16, which is very early for me, so I'll be taking it from mid-month only in future.

My test date should be Saturday, but with the acupuncture effect I should probably wait a bit longer. Not going to happen, as it's 7dpo and I'm already twitching at the test packets, but I probably should...


  1. Fingers and toes crossed (and stay away from those sticks for antoher couple of days...!)

    CD7 here and trying to work out the logisitcs for next week - Mr in Zurich for 2 days and then me in Northamptonshire for 2 days... could be interesting

  2. Amazing how different supps affect different people - vit b6 actually moved my o date up to almost cd14 on my last cycle, but also was fab at lengthening lp too.
    Sounds like things are definitely looking up for you - hoping the positives keep rolling in for you! Fingers crossed xx


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