9 October 2011

Talking about sex?

Today I finally got my crosshairs, which was a relief, as having only temped all month I didn't have any other data to crosscheck my slightly rocky temps with.

And the bonus prize:
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Our babydancing got an A++! We are a little gutted about O-3 *hangs head in shame*. Not sure what happened there, but as we were expecting O around day 18, still pretty impressive.

Timing had to be good this month as we managed to have sex at least every other day despite Mr's trip away. Which, in case you hadn't realised, I'm more than a little proud of. Obviously not something I can really tell my mum, my "real-life" friends or the lady at the shop I usually share random good news with.

So I'm sharing it here :) And I don't even feel the need for a TMI alert. Because as any self-respecting TTCer knows, TMI means particularly detailed CM descriptions, or freaky symptoms. It's not general chitchat about how often you have sex, in which positions, and whether you stick a pillow under your bum afterwards.

TTC forums have to be the only place where you would share that level of detail and then accept compliments on your sex life from complete strangers. Got to love t'internet...


  1. Fab! Certainly have maximised your chances!! You deserve your bfp this month AND a medal I reckon! Fingers crossed for a calm & positive 2ww xxx

  2. Well done indeed. Even on the months I conceived I never had a "high" rating.


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