14 September 2011

Does taking a TTC break work?

In case you are wondering whether a TTC break helps... here are my pros and cons...

  • I did feel less panicky about the whole process.
  • TTC didn't take over my whole day. I kept temping, but didn't rush to the loo mid-afternoon to use OPKs or check my cervix 5 times a day.
  • I spent less on OPKs and tests.
  • Having less data to enter into my chart on Fertility Friend meant I didn't look at the forums so much, which meant I didn't find more things I "should have done" to make this month successful.
  • It made sod all difference to the timing of the babydancing, and made me want to make love more , not just babydance. Mind you, I wish I'd ovulated on day 12....
  • I avoided blogging too, which I find therapeutic.
  • I didn't reply to comments on my blog in case it drew me into the whole TTC mania again. That's just downright rude. If you were one of the people who I didn't reply to, I'm sorry - all your comments were very much appreciated.
  • I missed out on lots of news. At Why Can't This Be Easy, there is at last a pregnancy that seems to be sticky. At Muddling Along Mummy, a bad month, with another little one that wasn't strong enough to make it. These are people who support me, and I would have liked to have at least been able to return that favour by being there when they posted.
  • If by some freak accident I should fall pregnant this month, I won't have the same detailed symptoms and information that I had last pregnancy. And if it's a girl, I won't be able to tell her about it when she is going through similar (please not the same...) issues.
Overall it was a good thing. I think TTC is like warm clothes... If you don't give it break once in a while, you won't feel the benefit when you go back to it.


  1. Hello. I've just sat down to try and cheer myself up with a surf round netmums after doing a negative test. And then I saw your post. It was almost as though it was meant to be there, at that moment.
    We're TTC no 2, my boy is 2 years too. I really thought we had cracked it this month but it seems not. Your comments about taking a break made me think that at least for the next month I will just try to relax abit. I am a newbie blogger and I haven't really touched on it yet in my blog, but maybe I will, and maybe it will help. Great to have found you. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. There are definite benefits to taking a break - giving yourself some space (we were supposed to be doing that... hahahaha) - trouble is that this month we are now right back at it and I will be temping properly (just need to find the thermometer)

    Take care and as always good luck!


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