15 September 2011

Still waiting

It is now 11dpo and the test this morning was negative.

I started spotting very lightly this afternoon, but no cramps or any sign of a period yet. All I can do is test again tomorrow.

I'm torn between holding onto hope because I didn't test til 13dpo last pregnancy and my temps are still holding steady, and then not getting my hopes up because I've had a 12 day luteal phase once before and this could be the same again.

SUCH a pretty chart *sigh*. Well... after ovulation anyway!

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  1. I am so hopeful will happen for you soon as your lp has lengthened and been so much more consisitent for you last few cycles I've seen, which is really good news. Even if not to be this cycle, have a feeling that bfp is just around the corner for you xx


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