14 September 2011

Giving up giving up

I am now 10dpo with temps that have been remarkably stable since ovulation and I'm giving up on my TTC break. I went through my stats on Fertility Friend this morning and discarded all those before I started acupuncture and/or Floradix (inc. B6) properly. So, instead of my previous stats with a luteal phase between 6dpo and 12dpo, and a cycle length somewhere between 22days and 46 days.... I have some that really reflect my recent cycles, which means my average luteal phase is now borderline normal!

And guess what? Based on these stats, FF thinks I should test tomorrow!

So what did I do........?

Yep. You've guessed it.

I tested yesterday. And this morning. And both are BFNs.

You'd think I would have learned by now, wouldn't you?

Still, the chart looks nice. It follows my pregnancy chart very closely so far.
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Mind you, so did the one last month til it dropped off a cliff and I started bleeding... At least it's not long to wait now.

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