14 September 2011


I'm in the strange position, for the first time ever in my TTC history, of being just a few hours away from my "official" Fertility Friend test date.

In the past, my stats have been so varied that AF would come long before, so I would just ignore it and test anyway.

Right now, I have no spotting or period, and no signs that I might be pregnant. I already have 2 negative tests under my belt, and with a 12 day luteal phase once before, this could just be more of the same.

I can't help hoping though. Even in my pregnant cycle, I was spotting by now. At worst, the B6 and acupuncture is doing it's job. I think I tested positive on day 13 last time, and it was a definite line, so I have no idea when I would have first seen a faint positive if I'd tested earlier.

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  1. Oh, I sooooooo hope this means the start of a BFP for you soon!!! I'm so impressed that you we able to actually take a step back from all this TTC stuff...it is soooo stressful!! I've been thinking of you every day :-) XOXO Kara


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