3 September 2011


I thought I was coping ok with my little ttc holiday. I've continued to temp, but I haven't used opks and there have been days where I have forgotten to temp, which was rather nice. I haven't been on the forums and I'm feeling pretty calm. The babydancing (or fancy free sex, as I'd like to think of it...) has been more frequent, which is a bonus too.

Until this morning. When I discovered eggwhite cm and lots of it. Combined with the temp drop this morning and the fact it's day 17, it looks like ovulation.

And that's when the calm facade dropped. I pulled Mr to one side and told him that we need to have sex TODAY.

Not an unreasonable request. Usually he'd be most happy to oblige. But the timing is really bad. We left the house at 730 this morning on a day trip to the wildlife park. We are staying at my parents tonight so will have to find a way of getting to bed early and doing the deed without waking no.1. And failure is not an option.

Typically this month, despite our renewed libidos, my chart doesn't look that great. We babydanced every day (sometimes twice) until a few days ago, when circumstances conspired to mean we have only managed every other day. If only this had happened a few days ago!


  1. It could just be the start of the surge - you have a couple of days still to catch the egg... good luck!

  2. Mother Nature has a habit of springing ovulation at the most inconvenient times. Cue marital conflict.

    As Muddling said, this could be the start of your body gearing up for Ov. How many days does your EWCM usually last?

    My advice is predictable: Get some action in if you can.

    Good luck


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