24 August 2011

Taking a break

My temperature has been up and down through af and I am now have a sore throat which is going to make it hard to judge ovulation. To be honest I'm just tired of trying month after month. I used up the last of my opks and pregnancy tests last month and I've decided not to buy any more til October. I'll  continue to temp and chart as normal, but I don't want to have to think about pregnant or not pregnant this month.

We seem to get just as good timing when we don't try hard as when we do anyway. Maybe we'll get some luck...


  1. Take care - I'm not temping, too many different beds, too many silly early starts for it to work and even being in the right place at the right time is a challenge and yet...

    A mental break might help - if not I'll send lots of luck your way xxx

  2. I totally understand needing a break. Rest, relax, do some fun stuff, have a cocktail and enjoy! Maybe you'll get a happy surprise :-)

  3. Good luck on your break, I haven't taken a pregnancy test in over 5 months now.. I just wait...

  4. Hope you're okay and all is going well.


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