17 August 2011

Driving myself mad

I'm going insane here. I've had a very stressful day with work and have to prepare for a meeting tomorrow where I know I'm going to be feel threatened and isolated.

I've had stomach cramps since late last night and the spotting has stopped and started. I think it definitely counts as a 10 day luteal phase now, which is borderline normal, and I've been feeling nauseous. All classic pregnancy symptoms which make me hope even against the more logical conclusion and which made me so insane that I tried testing again this evening. Obviously a BFN...

Thing is, they are not my classic pregnancy symptoms - I only felt sick towards the end of the 1st trimester last time and I didn't have cramps. Only the spotting suggests possible pregnancy, and it feels far more like the start of AF than anything else.

They could just as easily be stress symptoms. I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow morning and then I can get on with next cycle, hopeful from a less stressful place.


  1. That's the absolute bugger about it - pre-menstrual symptoms and early pregnancy are very similar... fingers crossed

  2. Horrible :( But at least it's done for now.


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