20 August 2011

Is this normal?

A bit shocked by the all the symptoms I'm still getting:
  • Full feeling, swollen boobs
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
I've had no cramps at all since AF started, and usually it's the other way round, with cramps building until AF eases a little. My periods are, other than the cramps and a little heavy bleeding, pretty much symptom free.

My temp dropped right down yesterday and is back up again today so I did a mad thing this morning and tested during my period. It was, of course, a BFN, but at least I know for sure. Realistically, the way I'm bleeding now a positive test would be irrelevant.

Could these just be the effects of a normal cycle? In which case, how does anyone ever identify pregnancy symptoms, and how do they cope with it every month??


  1. I have stopped charting my "pregnancy" symptoms as I've had them when preg and also when just normal af. I have had a tremendously high score on ff pregnancy indicator before now and still bfn too. Only preg symptoms I plan to rely on now are no af and a bfp!!

  2. Its one of the big horrors that pregnancy and period symptoms are the same - it sucks

    Big time


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