8 August 2011


I think I ovulated yesterday. My temp has gone up a bit today, but not enough to feel certain, and of course I won't get any ff crosshairs for a couple of days yet.

I was feeling all confident but I've suddenly got lots of eggwhite cm, which makes me think we should be babydancing right now this minute... I'm at physio and Mr's picking up no.1 so that's neither practical or logical... but that's ttc for you...


  1. Keep on BDing until you're sure you've got that shift :-)

  2. I know that feeling!

    Keep up the good work

    Was very much thinking of you this week - had reckoned we'd got lucky when I got fizzy boobs like you had but no cigar this month

  3. Gah! Still unsure. Think our timing will be very off if I haven't ovulated... peaked too soon and all that!

    I think fizzy boobs must be more common than I thought :)


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