11 August 2011


At last... I was right to think I had ovulated.

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The temps are very odd, but I'm relieved to see those solid lines as I was beginning to think this cycle was anovulatory which would have been gutting.

Our timing wasn't bad - twice the morning of ovulation, makes me feel much better that we missed a couple of days either side.

I'm trying to wait until day 31 to test, so there's no uncertainty. Realistically, I'll probably start testing on day 29 (19th August) - not long now at least!


  1. Wow loving today's temp! Fingers crossed for you. Back at cd2 here :-(

  2. Agh! Those first few days of every cycle are horrible :( Still, a cycle closer to a positive x

  3. Thanks - investigating acupuncture this cycle to add to the vit b6 and hypnosis. Your timing looks good too - hope it's your cycle xx

  4. Looking good!! I've got everything corssed for you that this is your month :-)

  5. Good BD record! Hope the 2WW treats you well.


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