14 August 2011

Rocking the Stats...

In the absence of any real reason for logging into Fertility Friend 5 times a day, I have been spending a lot of time looking at other peoples' charts.

It's not exactly a scientific cross section, but I was surprised to see how good the odds actually are:
  • Across all the charts in the FF database, 36% of charts result in pregnancy (or miscarriage).
  • With our intercourse pattern, the odds go up and 42% of charts end in pregnancy or miscarriage.
That struck me as  a pretty good chance, so I started to look at "charts like mine", and this is what I found out:
  • 39% of charts that FF thinks look like mine result in pregnancy or miscarriage.
  • Matching our intercourse pattern, the odds go up to 44%
Theoretically my chances are pretty good - makes me wonder why I'm struggling so much to conceive. Then I added those critical keywords "With Short Luteal Phase <10" and the stats fell off a cliff, or rather all 33% of the positive tests were miscarriages.

Depressing stuff. It does make the acupuncture and Floradix seem even more important though - statistically, just a few days more in that luteal phase and our odds up a positive pregnancy test go up 11%. The odds of that pregnancy being sticky go up massively.

If this goes well, this will be our third cycle with a longer than usual luteal phase, although only one has been more than 10 days. Fingers crossed!


  1. The stats are fascinating - had convinced myself it had worked last month but nothing so about to try again... soul destroying when it goes on and on isn't it (and have started on Floridax!)

  2. It's the swings between positive thinking and negative thinking that are really tiring. Pretty sure I'm out now :(

  3. What did your doc say about the LP?


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