3 August 2011

13 dpo: Anyone's guess

My temps are still all over the place. I think pinpointing ovulation by temperatures alone is going to be difficult this month so I've broken out the OPKs already. The earliest I've ovulated is day 15 - no sign yet but with luck I'll catch it. In the meantime we are babydancing with a vengeance!

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  1. My temps always looked like that during the first half of my cycle. How long are your cycles normally and when do you usually ov?

  2. Normally my temps flatten out by day 7 latest and hover between 36.1 and 36.4 til I ov. I usually have a 30 day cycle and ov day 22, but since the acupuncture my ov date is all over the place - sometime between day 15 and day 22!


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