14 August 2011

Feeling Emotional

I'm 7dpo now, so halfway through the 2ww. In reality I'm more than halfway, as I'll probably end up testing day 12 or 13 if I get that far. I'm already wishing the days away.

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My temps are still looking good, but not noticeably different from a normal month either, so it's certainly not screaming pregnant. It's tempting to look at that dip at 3dpo and fantasise about early implantation dips, but I don't think so. I am hoping I get at least a 10 day luteal phase though, regardless of the outcome.

I haven't had any major symptoms yet either, which of course hasn't stopped me logging into Fertility Friend obsessively every couple of hours in case I've missed something. If I don't come up with a symptom soon I'm going to have to start testing just to have something to chart!

In the meantime, I've been staring at the chart gallery trying to find hope in the stats and watching my points creep up on the Early Pregnancy Signs Estimator (currently at 23...).


  1. Hang on in there - hideous having to wait isn't it

    Waiting to ovulate here...

  2. I'm another one waiting to o (- reminds me of dr seuss "everyone is just waiting!")
    Looking good for you. Fingers crossed xx

  3. When I used to chart I used to drive myself crazy. There are times when I consider tracking and temping again but then I remember how crazy it made me. Hoping this is your month!

  4. To be fair, I think waiting to o this month (and then waiting to be sure I'd o'd...) was much worse than the 2ww so far.
    I need to find something else to focus on"

  5. The Early Pregnancy Signs Estimator is a good laugh.

  6. P.S. Good to see you've covered all bases just in case that dip at 3DPO was actually O.


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