17 August 2011

10dpo: Spotting

I tested yesterday and today on internet cheapies and both were BFN.

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After the cramps I had all evening, I started spotting about midnight last night so I suspect I'm out for this month.

It hasn't turned to full on bleeding yet, and my temperature is still up, but I'm not holding out much hope. I'll keep testing until AF comes, just in case.

On the bright side, I got past 8 days again, and if I can hold out til tomorrow, I will have made it to a 10+ day luteal phase for the second time ever!


  1. Hooray to longer lp - boo to spotting and bfn :-(
    Has you lp extended just with acupuncture? Using vit b6 myself and tho good response (lp now 12-13dpo) wondering if acupuncture might be good to add to the mix? My cycles looking so similar to yours now with spotting etc, so wondering if what helps you might help me too!!

  2. Hi. Yes, my lp has extended just with acupuncture. It was really effective the first month (accidental - the treatment was aimed at my back!), but has made a couple of days difference for the last few months. I've been taking Floradix as well this month, thanks to your suggestion, which is full of B6 so I was hoping for slightly longer, but at least it's a step in the right direction!

  3. Congrats on the 10 day LP! Let's hope it turns into a 9 month one ;) Do you normally spot for a few days before AF comes in full force?

  4. I do normally spot, although this is a bit stop/start. Last pregnancy I spotted all the way from O to BFP at 12dpo and then had a lot of scary bleeding during the pregnancy, so spotting isn't necessarily a sign, but this is closer to the normal monthly stuff than anything hopeful.


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