28 June 2011

A cunning plan

Talked to Mr about the acupuncture's effect on my cycle. He, like me, has a lot of faith in it having seen the difference in my back and walking ability.

We both feel that my short luteal phase is the reason why it isn't easy for me to fall pregnant, although the consultants I saw before #1 was born didn't seem at all interested in my lovingly plotted charts. If acupuncture can change this and improve our chances, we have agreed to "babydance" (I love that phrase!) madly all month to try and help the process along.

While, according to Fertility Friend, our timing has been good every month since I started charting again, the idea of mad babydancing is putting a smile on my face, and somehow it feels that we need that little bit of extra sparkle in our lives to make it happen.

Of course, as we now have no idea whatsoever when I'm going to ovulate, it could be quite a month... With a toddler still sharing our room, it's been a while since we've been that energetic. I hope I've still got what it takes!

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