23 June 2011

Not ready to test yet

My temperature has stayed up today and I am now 11dpo if Fertility Friend has got it right. I can't really see that ovulation could have been later, however strange it is for me to ov at day 15. I haven't had a luteal phase longer than 9 days since I started charting so it really does feel hopeful.

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I'm still exhausted, which I think is also a good sign, although I don't remember being quite this tired last time. I really hope this isn't just some evil bug messing with my mind. To be fair, I wasn't in sole charge of a toddler last time so that's got to add to the tiredness. I fell asleep on the bed at 9pm last night trying to get her back to bed.

If I am pregnant, I could probably test now and see a result but I'm not sure I can deal with a negative. I haven't got any tests in the house so I'll buy one today in case I crack after the shops close.

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