28 June 2011

Magic Needles

I had my usual acupuncture session for my back today and I asked whether anything he did in the last session might have affected my cycle.

It felt like a big deal because, although I'm sure it's no great secret that I would like another child (or 5), I haven't actually told anyone except my best friend that we are properly trying. I'm only too aware that last time I fell pregnant it was a happy accident rather than any kind of plan. I suspect it will need some more of that mad luck if we are to manage it again, so I don't want the pressure of people wondering "if I'm pregnant yet".

Apparently the point he worked at on my back was one of the main fertility points and, while it wasn't why he was doing it, the change in my cycle is a positive sign that we are making progress with my back. It's interesting that a back problem which started in what was a very stressful pregnancy seems to be linked to my fertility issues.

He worked on the same place again today and I am feeling lighter in myself. If one session can make that much difference, I feel really hopeful that we might get lucky over the next few months.

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