23 June 2011

Indecisive? Moi?

So I bought the tests. I bought them in Poundland as I have faith in one of my more scientifically minded friend's theory that the cheaper the test, the more conclusive the result. If you buy something expensive, then you might end up with one of those desperate, pale lines that you have to fret over for days before it disappears.

While I have never had a pale line, or indeed an inkling of a pregnancy before no.1 magically appeared, I respect the advice. So I bought 4 tests for £2. I would have got them at the shop across the road, but they know me in there and I don't feel ready for anyone to be speculating, especially if it's not real again.

I'm kind of thinking that since I have the tests I should use them.

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  1. Hello flower! I have endometriosis and short lp too. Very frustrating, but at least 2ww is over more quickly, but when you do go past 8dpo difficult to know if bfp or just a normal length lp for a change! but sounds to me like a bfp might be there waiting for you. Fingers crossed! Thanks for follow on twitter and I look forward to reading your tweets xx


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