24 June 2011

Still waiting and hoping

I told Mr last night that I thought I might be pregnant. He's very au fait with charting now, and could see why I thought it, but holds more faith in the pregnancy tests than my cycles, which is probably a fair assessment.

My temps are still up and, although I was spotting last night that seems to have stopped again but the test this morning was another negative. There was a faint mark where the line is supposed to be but it could have been an evap. It wasn't a line and I didn't want to be tempted into "tweaking" on Fertility Friend so I've thrown it away. Mr, who is more pragmatic about these things says there was nothing there.

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I am actually feeling quite hopeful. Have decided I'm going to buy a more expensive test today (probably a couple more cheapies too). I'll test again tomorrow morning... or possibly later... and if I think there's anything there I'll break out the posh one.

Even though I know exactly when the conception would have been, I'll be tempted to buy one of those ones at silly prices that tell you how many weeks you are. They came out just after no.1 was born and I've been dying to see it in action!

Just read that and realised how odd that sounds. Stepping away from the keyboard...


  1. Spotting could be implantation...

    And a line is a line...

    Want me to pop some internet cheapies in the post to you? Just found a whole lot in a drawer... If you do you have my twitter / blog details so drop me a line

  2. Thanks for the positive :) Am sending positive vibes your way too!
    I spotted all the way through my first pregnancy so not so worried about that. Have dm'd you.


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