24 June 2011

Feeling pregnant...ish

I've been really good and not tested again. There's no point really as I'm unlikely to get anything better than I did this morning. Have bought an earlybird test that reckons you can test 6 days before you are due. In my case, with such a short luteal phase, this probably means about 5 days after... but I'm hoping I'll get something on the cheapie tomorrow which will make it worthwhile breaking out the big guns.

I am feeling "a bit pregnant" but I'm aware that I could be imagining it all. I feel a little bloated and crampy, but not in a period way. And I felt a little nauseous this morning. But that could be worry. Nothing conclusive that I could be certain of... like fizzy boobs.

Sometimes I wish I didn't chart. I started before no.1 when my cycles could be anything from 25 to 45 days but since the birth, I have had consistent 30 day cycles. If I wasn't charting I wouldn't have a clue I'd ovulated a week early, my period wouldn't be due for another 3 days and I wouldn't be obsessing like this. Still, knowledge is power.


  1. Totally know what you mean - sometimes wonder how I ever got pregnant first time round without so much as a temp and held off poas until cd28, day af due!! As you say, knowledge is power. X

  2. Knowledge is power - but too much knowledge can give too much power to the thoughts... hang on in there sweetie


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