30 June 2011

I woke up feeling really positive this morning. Work seems to be falling back into place again slowly (I'm allowed to start doing a few hours from home next week after a very long time off sick) so the financial pressures have reduced a bit, but I just feel generally like something might have changed.

It's quite exciting that I might not have to wait so long for ovulation this month. Usually I'm very hit and miss with my temps at this stage in my cycle as there doesn't seem much point, but if I ovulate on day 15 again, that's only 9 days away. Of course it means that my 2ww is going to actually be 2 weeks, but it's hell whatever the distance, so I'm not going to let that get me down.

Having almost given up on ever falling pregnant before, and then having such a difficult pregnancy, it has sometimes felt like we just aren't meant to have another child - maybe we're just being greedy?

My back problems did make us wary of trying again so soon, but we know that with a luteal phase as short as mine, pregnancy is going to need either a heavy dose of luck or medical intervention, possibly both. I had been feeling rather fatalistic about it - Mr's decision that he doesn't want to keep trying after he turns 45 rules out IVF in the future, so if it doesn't happen naturally now, it won't happen at all.

The odds have seemed pretty slim, but knowing that I've had one "odd" (normal, healthy...) cycle through acupuncture changes everything. I haven't felt this excited about TTC in forever!

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  1. Hi! So glad I found you blog (and you found mine). I'm glad to hear that today is a better day and yay for being ecxited about TTC :-) I also have a short LP, about 9 days on average so I know that frustration. Good luck!!!


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