3 July 2011

My temps are starting to stabilise and it's a waiting game until I ovulate. It doesn't feel that way except when I look at my chart, but I look at my chart every morning so it feels that way now.

We're doing well on the babydancing front. It may not be bringing us any closer to another baby, but it is bringing us closer to each other, something we need at the moment, as practicalities seem to be ruling our lives.

If I ovulate on day 15 like last month, then I could be fertile on Wednesday. I usually feel this impatient after ovulation so this is a new experience for me. Mind you, if I don't ovulate until day 22 like normal, it's going to be am excruciatingly long month...


  1. New blog stalker here! :) I wish you every success in your journey. Are you using Fertility Friend?

  2. :D Thanks. I do love a stalker - makes me feel special ;p

    Yes. I used it when I was TTC last time. It's a fantastic charting tool, but it does feed the obsessions...


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