5 July 2011


Of course it wasn't ovulation. Why would it be ovulation? It's DAY 10 for goodness sake!

Stepping away from the chart...

In other news, Mr is 44 today. We have 1 year and counting until we have agreed to give up trying.

He left at 7am and I haven't been at all organised with presents so I need to get my act together before he gets home. Unfortunately, in a rush of activity yesterday, I agreed to have a DHL parcel picked up sometime between 9 and 5. Just praying it's nearer to 9 so I can get out of the house and pick up some food for dinner!


  1. Happy Birthday to Mr! Hope you get pregnant asap!

  2. Happy Birthday to your man! Whats the age difference between you and your OH? There's 15 years between myself and my husband (he's 41) x

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes! There are 9 years between us :)


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