21 July 2011

I hate my body!

(But not in a poor role model for my daughter, wanting plastic surgery kind of a way)

So last night the blood wasn't there. I figured the tampon could have stemmed the flow. But it's still not there this morning. I am period-free.

My temp was still up this morning. Of course that's not conclusive, as my temps are all over the place for the first week of my cycle and there is normally a dip. I've swapped my "light flow" to a "spotting" on Fertility Friend and will see what happens now.

So I might not be out after all, or my period might start properly later, or tomorrow, or the day after...


  1. Get your chart link posted up!!

    Sorry but I love chart stalking :)

  2. You're just encouraging me to obsess... Temptress!
    My Chart

  3. Arggh some more!! I'm now spotting - at cd 9 - whats that all about!!? Would be so much easier if we had see thru tummies and a button we just pushed for fertile on / off!!

  4. Or a nice simple colour code on our fingernails? Cd 9 is an odd one...


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