20 July 2011

8dpo: It's all over

Been spotting for 2 days now and this morning I woke up to red blood. It was enough to make me use a tampon, so I guess it's all over for this month.

It's really depressing as it looks like the acupuncture has not only done nothing to lengthen my luteal phase this month, but it's actually a day shorter at only 7 days!

I wasn't expecting it at all as my temperature was still well above the coverline this morning and I haven't had any period-like feelings. I guess the big temperature drop will come tomorrow.


  1. Sorry to hear that AF got you :( And sorry about the short LP. Do you have a link to your chart? Have you tried taking progesterone to lengthen your LP?

    I hope you get your BFP soon. I'm currently writing a blog post which was inspired by your blog!

  2. Agggh! Sorry it's over this cycle :-( expect you've read and had loads of advice re short lp, but I have to say have been impressed with the way vit b6 has worked for me. Think you know your own body tho - maybe you need another few cycles with acupuncture? Sometimes these things take longer to have a good effect. Acupuncture not something I know huge amounts about tho.
    Only good thing about short lp is your fertile time comes around more quickly! Did conceive ds2 and ds3 with lp of 10 and 8 dpo, so is possible, but can understand wanting to maximise chance (hence why I'm trying to extend my lp with b6!!) fx bfp happens for us both soon xx

  3. It seems I might not be quite out yet, but I'm not really expecting much now. I've started taking B6 (via Floradix) and acupuncture now, so we'll see...

  4. Oh do you think it was implantation bleeding?

  5. Honestly... no. I'm usually the eternal optimist so I'm sad to admit it, but I just think it was too much blood for implantation bleeding. From what I've read, that's just drops. I think the acupuncture and my natural cycle are having a bit of a fight and AF will probably win out over the next couple of days.
    Fx'd we all get a lucky cycle soon!

  6. Will post my chart again tomorrow if AF doesn't spoil the party before x


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