13 July 2011

Did I? Didn't I?

I'm used to the horrors of the 2ww, convincing myself that this is the month and imagining pregnancy symptoms left, right & centre but not knowing when I'm ovulating is driving me insane!

Before the acupuncture, I was ovulating reliably on day 22. Admittedly, in a 30 day cycle, that's not really a good thing, but I'm beginning to see the positives of that reliability.

This month I just haven't a clue. I thought I ovulated a few days ago on day 15, but then my temps went back to a nice steady 36.2 again, so I can't have done. My OPK was a little darker the day before yesterday, I wasn't able to test yesterday and today it's lighter again, so that's no help.

I had an acupuncture session yesterday and this morning my temp went up to 36.7, which is nearly a fever by my standards and also lines up with my CM, but of course I now need to wait for a couple of days to be sure that this is really it. To make it worse, I had a tiny bit of red blood today, which must mean something...

If it is, our timing has been good but I really need to know now as I don't think I can cope with any more waiting this month. I feel like I should be breaking out the pregnancy tests already!


  1. Ovulation spotting? Fingers crossed.
    Vit b6 pushed my lp from 8dpo to 13 dpo this cycle! Am now cd2 with my fingers x will be my cycle too.



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