10 July 2011


I think I might have ovulated yesterday which would have been day 15, so it looks like the magic needles are doing their work. My temperature went up this morning but... because no.1 woke up at 4.45 asking to sit on the potty, I hadn't had enough solid sleep when I temped the day before yesterday and I think it was unusually high as a result. Fertility Friend now reckons I ovulated 3 days ago so I'm not 100%. I was leaving the OPKs til today, so that's pretty inconclusive too.

I'm pretty sure FF is wrong, but if they're not then we are already out this month as between Mr's trip away and my sleepiness our timing was completely off. If I ovulated yesterday then we're OK. We only babydanced on O and O+1 but if my luteal phase is the only problem, then theoretically it should be good enough.

Normally I'd wait and see as my luteal phase is pretty consistent at 8 days, but now I'm not sure what to do. I think I'm going to assume I'm right about yesterday and act as if I'm in with a chance, although honestly I have low expectations of this month.

All being well, I'm going to try and wait til day 12, which is the longest luteal phase I've ever had, before testing. Day 12 also falls on 21st July, which is when no.1 was due.

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