18 July 2011

Nearly halfway there

I am now 6dpo and nearly halfway to my test date. My temps went down yesterday and today, but are still above the coverline. This morning's could have been affected by a late night and an early morning. Difficult to know...

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Symptoms-wise, I had some spotting this morning, but that's not all that unusual and I wouldn't say the dip in temps was an implantation dip. I've also been feeling a bit nauseous. I'm inclined to think that has more to do with the large bar of Dairy Milk I ate earlier in one sitting than any pregancy related issues. It's a little early for cravings and I don't think chocolate counts.

Surprisingly, I'm feeling pretty calm this month. I have no idea when my period is due, as I have no clue how long my luteal phase should be. It could be that my temps are heading downwards towards AF in a couple of days, or it could be a blip and they'll be up again tomorrow. I won't be getting too hopeful if I go over 8 days again this time as I know it could just be the acupuncture doing its work so there's no real temptation to test early.

Despite getting another"good" on the babydancing timing from Fertility Friend, half of me feels we need to get a "high" to be in with a chance, and despite our best efforts, we missed that this month. I'm already thinking in terms of next month, which takes the pressure off.


  1. @hopesforbaby418 July 2011 at 15:43

    FF never posts a high, only ever good. Glad your chilled!

  2. Not true! I've had a high twice :D
    I admit it's rare....

  3. Good is all it takes. The swimmers like to have a little kip for a day or two in Hotel Uterus whilst they wait for the egg.


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