7 July 2011

After days of wishing for early ovulation, I'm in the odd position of wishing it away.

It's now day 13 and Mr is working away until tomorrow night. I've been exhausted and falling asleep by about 9pm for the last couple of days so if I ovulate before Sunday, I figure we've got no chance this cycle at all as our timing will be off.

Fingers crossed for a day 16/17 ovulation now so we can get plenty of babydancing in between!

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  1. Uggg, I hate the ovulation timing game! Too bad life doesn't anturally twist itself around out ovulation schedules, lol! I travel for work...fly out Monday, fly home Thursday...every week so it is a huge challenge for us. I normally O on day 17 and would be away this time (we've had good luck with O near weekends lately) so I'm flying hubby and baby out to me...a super long distance and expensive booty call, LOL. Fingers crossed for you that this month your timing will be just right :-)


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