14 July 2011


My temperature is still vaguely up today, so I'm assuming I ovulated day 18 for now. We're still babydancing regularly so timing shouldn't really be an issue if I didn't, and I really can't deal with the idea that I might have gone straight back to my normal cycle pattern after a 12 day luteal phase last month.

What really isn't normal is that I've got serious stomach cramps. I have noticed over the last few months that I do get a "feeling" on the left side just above my hip bone around ovulation. I can't really pinpoint it, but it does seem to be related to my cycle. I've had that too today, but this isn't the same. This is the sort of pain that makes you stop what you're doing, curl up and clutch your belly.

I'm not in agony, obviously, but it's more like bad period pain (which I don't get often) than anything else. Very odd indeed.

At least if my temperature is still up tomorrow, Fertility Friend will give me an ovulation date and I can get on with the kind of 2ww obsessing that I'm more used to. Always nice to have a little bit of routine after the drama ;)


  1. I get it too - always on the right hand side. Twinges a couple of days before o and then very sore day if o or sometimes day after. Good sign (if a little uncomfortable!!)

  2. I usually get it on the left side too...though this time it is on my right side weird. I'm in the same "did I or didn't I boat." Hopefully we both did and we both get BFPs from it :-)
    When did you start acu? When I first started acu and herbs my temps went all kinds of wonky for a week or so after. Not so much now, but it can definitely have an effect. Good luck!!

  3. Charting is such a PITA, but I go crazy when I don't. Good luck!


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