21 July 2011

Fizzy Boobs

Oh Lord.

I have fizzy boobs.

I'm sorry. I know it sounds like some dodgy Willy Wonka-esque sweetie, but it's the only way I can decribe them.

What's worse is that I think the fizzy boobs are probably in my head because I've been worrying too much about the bleeding / lack of bleeding and I've started thinking I might not be out yet... which of course means I might actually be "in".

Ignore, ignore, ignore. I... will... not... POAS..


  1. Ooooooo, you said Fizzy Boobs (I love that term, bytthe way, lol) was a sign for you! I really, really hope this is it for you!!! Maybe we will both get our BFPs this cycle and get to read pregnancy blogs instead of TTC blogs :-) Fingers cross so tight for you and sending buckets of baby dust across the pond!!!

  2. Excuse my ignorance, I'm not an expert on the whole pregnancy lark. What are Fizzy Boobs?

  3. I've only managed it once, so I'm unsure whether it is something everyone experiences... But at about 12dpo last time my boobs felt slightly over full and the skin felt really tingly - fizzy is the best way I can describe it!


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